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Requests for Searches - Non-apgsearch

For discussion of other cellular automata.

Requests for Searches - Non-apgsearch

Postby AforAmpere » January 1st, 2019, 11:17 pm

This is a thread to post whatever requests you have for searches (using search programs) in any rule. An example request would be something along the lines of: "Can someone please search for a (11,1)c/13 with LLS?" or "Can someone run a width 14 even-symmetry gfind search in Morley for C/8?" This is a place to put those requests.
Things to work on:
- Find a (7,1)c/8 ship in a Non-totalistic rule (someone please search the rules)
- Find a C/10 in JustFriends
- Find a C/10 in Day and Night
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