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c/8 diagonal ship forming twin 1 in 5 rakes 45678bc_459ab_24

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c/8 diagonal ship forming twin 1 in 5 rakes 45678bc_459ab_24

Postby ynotds » January 16th, 2011, 1:12 am

If you twist your neck this even looks a bit like an alien spaceship:
Open in Golly 2.2
(1.55 KiB) Downloaded 229 times
And while you've got that rule there, if you want an idea what keeps me watching the screen, just start with its only viable collision between two common c/2 ships:
x = 8, y = 39, rule = WMPVN-45678bc_459ab_24
and let it run. 100,000 iterations took around 36 hours on my older 24" iMac (at 8^1 using a modified which only makes a difference early by refreshing every 10 seconds when I really should have been paying more attention). That alien spaceship turns up at least seven times, two of which are still running beyond 100,000 along with partial rakes from two others. But that is only the sideshow. Relatively late it provides a strongly visual example of period doubling. The rest just has to be seen. There aren't words for most of it.
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