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B2ce3-ajnr/S12-ak3-a Converter game

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B2ce3-ajnr/S12-ak3-a Converter game

Postby Hunting » August 23rd, 2018, 5:28 am

Everybody can post a converter, OR a new start.
I think this is extensible, and I find a 1G converter reaction:
x = 11, y = 11, rule = B2ce3-ajnr/S12-ak3-a

DO NOT use programs. My new Converter Game is harder than the GoL Converter game.
P. S. DO NOT post destruction of a part of the still life
This post was brought to you by the Element of Magic.

Plz correct my grammar mistakes. I'm still studying English.

Working on:


Favorite gun ever:
#C Favorite Gun. Found by me.
x = 4, y = 6, rule = B2e3i4at/S1c23cijn4a
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