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Massive spam attacks on the wiki (and forums?)

For discussion directly related to, such as requesting changes to how the forums or wiki function.

Re: Massive spam attacks on the wiki (and forums?)

Postby dvgrn » July 13th, 2017, 3:31 pm

Apple Bottom wrote:Would it be an idea to discuss (with Nathaniel) the possibility of having a second bureaucrat on the wiki who could act on these requests?

Um, well, that's one of the items that Nathaniel only has time to pay attention to in short bursts.

Last time the question came up, the theory was that I already had enough admin privileges to make changes to the trusted list. But when I tried it, I didn't -- some bit still needs to be flipped somewhere. I'm guessing it will happen eventually...!
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Re: Massive spam attacks on the wiki (and forums?)

Postby Goldtiger997 » July 16th, 2017, 2:37 am

As Nathaniel still hasn't trusted me, I decided to write the article in wiki syntax, and allow someone else who is trusted to put it up on the wiki. It does mean that I won't be credited for the article, but that's okay. It didn't take very long to write the article in wiki syntax, because all I had to do was transfer the word document I wrote 17 days ago into wiki syntax. However, I wasn't able to preview it because I am not trusted, and so there probably are many syntax-related mistakes. Anyway, here it is:

[[Glider synthesis]] is the process of colliding gliders – the smallest spaceship Conway’s Game of Life – in a specific way to construct a specific object. It is one of the few areas in the Game of Life that many discoveries can still be made without using scripts.

This is an example of a glider synthesis:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 63, y = 67, rule = B3/S23
19b2o$3bobo19bobo$25bo2$53b2o$53bobo$53bo5$3o$2bo$bo! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}

It is a 16 glider synthesis of Achim Flammerkamp’s pseudo-barberpole, which, at the time of writing, is the cheapest synthesis known of that object.

===Locating Known Glider Syntheses===
To locate a known glider synthesis, there are four places you should look:

*[ Mark Niemiec’s website]
*[ LifeWiki]
*[ Chris Cains’s display_synth script]
*[ Compressed Folder of cheapest oscillator syntheses]

Here is a Flowchart showing which of those places you should look in, depending on what type of object you chose:

<<insert flowchart here>>

Sometimes you will not find a synthesis for a particular object in any of these places. That could be because:

*There does exist a known synthesis, but it is hidden somewhere obscure. Your best bet is to ask on the forums.
*No syntheses are known because no-one has decided to synthesise that specific object before. These are usually pretty easy to make a synthesis for yourself
*No syntheses are known because the object is very difficult to synthesise. An example of this would be [[Spider]].

In the next section we will look at how to make your own syntheses.

==Making your own glider syntheses==

===Using Catagloue to find glider syntheses===
Before you start, you will need to download the second python script posted by Brett Berger [ here]:
If you select an object in Golly and run the script, it will open the object’s catagolue page.

Let’s say you want to find a synthesis for   block on down [[candlefrobra]], which, according to Mark Niemiec’s website, takes 12 gliders:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 10, y = 5, rule = B3/S23
4bo$2obob2obo$2obo3bobo$3bo4bo$3b2o! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}
Then select the pattern in Golly and run the script mentioned above. It should bring you to [ this page on catagolue].
Scroll down to the part of the page with lots of differently coloured dots. These are all sample soups for the object.
The black ones are asymmetric soups, which are the easiest to make syntheses from. (However, it should not be forgotten that you can still get good syntheses from symmetric soups.)

So click on the first asymmetric soup (the first black dot), and copy the rle it provides into Golly. You should get this:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 16, y = 16, rule = B3/S23
2ob5obob2o$4o3b2obobo2bo$ob3ob2obo3b2o$3b3ob5o2b2o$bo3b2obob2obo! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}

Now play the soup until the candlefrobra appears. This should happen at generation 919. Use the script (which comes with golly) to go 20 generations back.
Watch each generation up to the candlefrobra’s formation step-by-step to see which objects react to make the candlefrobra.
Next, go back 20 generations, select the objects that reacted to make a candlefrobra, and paste them into a new layer.

Test to see if that pasted pattern works. If it doesn’t work, go back to the layer with the soup, and select and paste a larger area.
Once you’ve deleted any objects that don’t participate in the reaction, you should get something like this:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 11, y = 16, rule = B3/S23
9bo$8bobo$9b2o2$6bo$2o3bobo$2o2b2ob2o6$5bobo$4b3o$3b3o$3b2o! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}
We know how to make all those reactants with gliders, so we can now make a synthesis!
In fact, all of the reactants can be made in two gliders (those collisions can be found in two-glider-collisions.rle in Golly’s pattern collection).

However, before you start, you may notice that not all of the blinkers in the traffic light react before making the candlefrobra. So maybe we don’t need all of the blinkers.
In fact, the only blinker we need is the top one. Try deleting the rest of the blinkers just before the Traffic Light first reacts.
This isn’t necessary, but to help your understanding, I’ve replaced the traffic light predecessor with one that only makes a blinker to get this:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 11, y = 19, rule = B3/S23
9bo$8bobo$9b2o2$6bo$2o3bobo$2o2b2ob2o8$5b2o$2b3obo$2b2o$2b2obo$3bobo! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}
Now there is also no junk left over after the synthesis, only the candlefrobra.

Now to start the synthesis. To do this, you should synthesise each of the reactants separately in such a way that they work when put together.
You can find all the syntheses you need for this in two-glider-collisions.rle. Try to do this yourself.
If you can’t manage to make it work using only 2-glider collisions, look in Mark Niemiec’s website to find more useful syntheses.

If you need a hint, these are the syntheses I would use:
x = 35, y = 29, rule = B3/S23
If you used the hint, note that you may need to rewind some of the syntheses to make it work.

How did you go? If you created a synthesis with less than 12 gliders then congratulations, you would have created a record breaking synthesis!
For reference, this is the synthesis I created which used 8 gliders:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 17, y = 21, rule = B3/S23
o6b2o$b2o6bobo$9bo4$10b3o$10bo$11bo! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}

In this example with the block on trans-candlefrobra, we were lucky to get a good reaction from the very first soup.
Sometimes, you will have to look through 20 or more soups before finding a suitable reaction.

If you want another practice for creating synthesis from a reaction, here is the reaction the current record holding synthesis of [[why not]] (8 gliders) was made with:
{{LV:Viewer|x = 22, y = 14, rule = B3/S23
17bo$16b3o$15b2ob2o$19b2o$19b3o$19b2o$10b3o2b2ob2o$2o8bobo   3b3o$b2o7b3o
4bo$o3$12b2o$12b2o! [[THUMBNAIL THEME 6 GRID]]}}

Good Luck!...

===Using Converters to Make Syntheses===

To be added later

There is a flowchart that it refers to which I have had attached to my first post in this thread.

So any trusted user should feel free to turn this into a wiki article in the tutorials section of the wiki, or instead just preview it, and fix any syntax mistakes. Thanks! :)
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Re: Massive spam attacks on the wiki (and forums?)

Postby Saka » July 16th, 2017, 3:31 am

Goldtiger997 wrote:Put up the article anyway

Done! Look at the tutorials section, under Other Search Methods (Page not created yet) or @ Tutorials/Glider_Syntheses
Nice waterbear you got there. Would be a shame if this rake shot it down from the other side of the universe.
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Re: Massive spam attacks on the wiki (and forums?)

Postby Goldtiger997 » July 16th, 2017, 4:50 am

Saka wrote:Done! Look at the tutorials section, under Other Search Methods (Page not created yet) or @ Tutorials/Glider_Syntheses

Thanks Saka! Just one thing; I intentionally did not put a particular rle in lifeviewer because it was a hint and if it was in lifeviewer people would see it even if they didn't want the hint. So perhaps just include it as rle.
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Re: Massive spam attacks on the wiki (and forums?)

Postby raiqamar769 » July 19th, 2017, 1:42 am

please someone give useful link on massive spam attack on the wiki, because still i can't understand their solution.
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