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Delayed Undo/Redo (Better than it sounds)

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Delayed Undo/Redo (Better than it sounds)

Postby PkmnQ » May 25th, 2019, 6:52 am

So, to set up this thing:

1. Load up a rule, any rule, most preferrably a complicated one in RuleLoader.
2. Make a pattern that would take long to calculate in fast speeds.
3. Turn up the speed, like 8^9 or something.
4. Press Undo/Redo, depending on what you want.
5. Press Start.

Congratulations, you just delayed an undo/redo.
If you pressed it multiple times, the changes will whizz by.

You can have fun with this.

If you set the speed again, then you press start again, it will lag for a bit, but then run normally. Now press stop. Press the “back to start” button. It will say there was a bug detected in SyncUndoHistory.

If you press next before start, to put it simply, you’ll bring the past into the future.

Here’s a video showing what it looks like.
x = 12, y = 12, rule = AnimatedPixelArt

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