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Enumerating Still Lifes (in C)

For scripts to aid with computation or simulation in cellular automata.

Re: Enumerating Still Lifes (in C)

Postby hkoenig » September 30th, 2017, 2:44 pm

Over the past few weeks I've been updating my Life object data files. Going through several years of posting here and updating the oscillator and spaceship discoveries. I've put together SOF files of Still Life objects up to 28 bits. Here's the resulting file size (including indexing metadata) in megabytes:

22 -- 32
23 -- 82
24 -- 210
25 -- 537
26 -- 1380
27 -- 3520
28 -- 8920

Total size for all SOF file, including oscillators and spaceships, is around 28Gig. That doesn't include the raw results for the pseudo-objects, which haven't been processed. And not sure if I can handle sorting the 25Gig of 29 bit files, which are still being generated.

As others have said, RLE format is not the right way to present object lists such as these. I've written display apps and command line tools that allow for the display, conversion, normalizing, sorting, and searching of all those files. Eventually, I'd like to set up a SQLite database which includes all the Glider constructions.

(The database has both SOF and a modified apgcode --there's the bit encoding to the right of the underscore, while putting size/period/speed info on the left. (e.g. LWSS = 9P4H2V0_6frc Pulsar = 48P3_co9nas0san9oczgoldlo0oldlogz1047210127401) )

The object directories, including the RLE files and the index thumbnails, shown on are generated by the server from the SOF files. It's not that hard to do.
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Re: Enumerating Still Lifes (in C)

Postby Majestas32 » June 27th, 2018, 1:16 am

Is there any hope of such a script supporting non totalistic rules?
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