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Cataverters (B3-cen/S234eijkrw5cry6ik)

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Cataverters (B3-cen/S234eijkrw5cry6ik)

Postby Hunting » February 20th, 2019, 5:37 am

First noticed by gmc_nxtman on the first page of "Interesting Dynamics" thread. Named by me.

This rule is so called because it has many natural catalysts and converters. Sadly, it's explosive.

Sample pattern which appears in the dynamic thread.
x = 16, y = 16, rule = B3-cen/S234eijkrw5cry6ik
This post was brought to you by the Element of Magic.

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x = 4, y = 6, rule = B2e3i4at/S1c23cijn4a
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Re: Cataverters (B3-cen/S234eijkrw5cry6ik)

Postby Redstoneboi » February 21st, 2019, 7:31 am

that's a lotta natural multi-island still lives.
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