Life Eighteen-Bit Period-2 Pseudo-Oscillators

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Syntheses of 14 of the 1519 eighteen-bit period 2 pseudo-oscillators

All of these can be synthesized using the same techniques that are used for smaller pseudo-oscillators and pseudo-still-lifes. 14 specific examples are shown here.

18-bit pseudo-P2

Trans trans beacon on beacon on beacon [10] Down bipole above cis hook w/ tail [28] Up cis tripole on tripole [26] Up trans tripole on tripole [16] Down boat on block on tripole [10] Down beacon below carrier bridge snake [17] Cis two up beacons on beacon [5]
Cis two beehives on beacon [5] Down bipole on cis shillelagh [25] Up bipole above cis hook w/ tail [26] Down tripole on integral [12] Down tripole below integral [11] Down cis tripole on tripole [26] Down trans tripole on tripole [18]

The 1519 eighteen-bit period 2 pseudo-oscillators

The first 1000 18-bit period 2 pseudo-oscillators

18-bit period 2 pseudo-oscillators 1-1000

The last 519 18-bit period 2 pseudo-oscillators

18-bit period 2 pseudo-oscillators 1001-1519

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