3-engine Cordership

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3-engine Cordership
3-engine Cordership image
Pattern type Cordership
Number of cells 149
Bounding box 58×65
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Speed c/12
Heat 156.1
Discovered by Paul Tooke
Year of discovery 2004

The 3-engine Cordership is a diagonal c/12 spaceship that was discovered by Paul Tooke on January 12, 2004. It is the Cordership that uses the fewest number of known possible switch engines, though the 4-engine Cordership is smaller in terms of minimum population. David Bell discovered in 2005 that it can be used to turn a lightweight spaceship 90 degrees as shown below.[1] It can be constructed with only 15 gliders, and Tooke created a gun for this spaceship only a week after its original construction (see 3-engine Cordership gun).

The 3-engine Cordership can easily be destroyed by three eater 2s and four blocks, as shown below. This cleanup reaction was found by Jason Summers.

Incremental construction

Dave Greene discovered a glider synthesis for upgrading a switch engine to a wing, which can be repeated to form the complete Cordership. Adam P. Goucher then built a Herschel conduit to convert a glider into a 3-engine Cordership.[2]

Image gallery

3-engine Cordership eater. It is possible to replace the eater2s with eater1s.
RLE: here
3-engine Cordership about to reflect a lightweight spaceship by 90 degrees
RLE: here

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