6-engine Cordership

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6-engine Cordership
6-engine Cordership image
Pattern type Cordership
Number of cells 185
Bounding box 66×61
Direction Diagonal
Period 96
Speed c/12
Heat 180.0
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1998

The 6-engine Cordership is a c/12 diagonal spaceship that was discovered by Dean Hickerson on July 9, 1998. At the time of its discovery it was the Cordership that used the fewest known number of switch engines, though Corderships are now known that use as few as 3 engines.


There is another 6-engine Cordership that is quite a bit larger than the one shown to the right, with 265 cells. Its advantage is that it has a known glider synthesis involving 37 gliders and even has a gun that fires copies of it (see 6-engine Cordership gun).

A six-engine Cordership with known glider synthesis
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