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This page contains a comprehensive list of links to important sites about Conway's Game of Life and related cellular automata.

Introductory Articles

Research Papers

Glossaries and Encyclopediae

Online Pattern Catalogs

  • Alien life - Pattern collections focusing on Life-like cellular automata other than Conway's Game of Life itself
  • Game of Life Object Catalogs at Pentadecathlon - contains most small still lifes, oscillators and spaceships
  • Mark D. Niemiec's Life Page - contains lots of well-known patterns, sorted by either name, glider synthesis, size, or type

Downloadable Pattern Catalogs

Blogs and News Sites

Other Personal Life Pages

Downloadable Simulation Software

Web Browser Based Life Simulations

Downloadable Computation and/or Search Software

  • Catalyst v1.0 by Gabriel Nivasch - Finds ways of modifying the evolution of an input pattern by placing catalysts that react with it, by a backtracking search. Written in C++.
  • gencols by Paul Callahan - Enumerates collisions between patterns (e.g. gliders and still lifes). Includes output filters to detect oscillators, spaceships, or successful eating of one pattern by another. Life evolution rule is hardcoded as a sequence of bit-parallel integer operations (so it's possible to change but not easy). Written in C.
  • gfind v4.8 by David Eppstein - Search program for low-period spaceships. Extends partial patterns a row at a time, keeping track of rows in all phases of the pattern. Includes modes for finding symmetric patterns. Written in C.
  • gsearch by David Eppstein - Performs a brute force search of all patterns fitting within a small rectangle. Evolves each pattern for a specified number of generations or until it repeats, grows too large, or matches a previously seen pattern. Recognizes spaceships, oscillators, unstable oscillators (such as queen bee and p90), replicators, and some puffers. Includes modes for finding symmetric patterns. Written in C.
  • Hersrch by Karel Suhajda (via - the original site is down) - Searches for open or closed Herschel tracks in Conway's Game of Life, using a database of known static and periodic track components. Written in C++.
  • lifesrc v3.8 by David Bell - Search program for oscillators. Written in C.
  • ofind v0.9 by David Eppstein - Searches for low-period oscillators. Similar to gfind, but extends patterns in all phases simultaneously rather than a single phase at a time, and includes special handling of stator cells. User can specify what spark the oscillator should produce, or how it should interact with neighboring patterns of other periods. Written in C.
  • Random Agar v1.1 by Gabriel Navasch - Looks for new Life oscillators, wicks, and agars. Generates random spatially periodic patterns, and runs them until they oscillate. Includes complete support for all possible symmetry types. Written in C++.
  • Scripts forum at

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