Sawtooth 1212

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Sawtooth 1212
Sawtooth 1212 image
Pattern type Sawtooth
Number of cells 983
Bounding box 173×114
Expansion factor 21
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1991

Sawtooth 1212 is an orthogonal sawtooth with expansion factor 21 that was discovered by Dean Hickerson on April 10, 1991. It was the first sawtooth to be constructed.

Its population in generation t = 18(21n) + 222 (n ≥ 0) is 7t/60 + 1290, but the population in generation 6(21n) + 193 (n ≥ 1) is only 1212. It works by using a spark from a turtle to turn a heavyweight spaceship into a loaf, which is then pulled back by pairs of lightweight spaceships. When the loaf is pulled all the way back, another heavyweight spaceship is fired towards the turtle, starting the cycle again. The heavyweight spaceship synthesis, which uses two gliders, Kok's galaxy, and a figure eight, is due to David Buckingham.

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Sawtooth 1212 evolving through three of its ever-expanding cycles

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