Slow puffer 2

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Slow puffer 2
Slow puffer 2 image
Pattern type Puffer
Number of cells 97
Bounding box 22×21
Direction Orthogonal
Period 240
Speed c/2
Discovered by David Bell
Year of discovery Unknown

Slow puffer 2 is a puffer that was found by David Bell. It consists of a blinker puffer 1 with a p18 "house" blinker fuse attached to the back of it to suppress the blinkers and two MWSS's to give rebirth to said fuse (and leave the bi-blocks in the process). Its name comes from the fact that it creates debris very slowly, only creating a single bi-block every 240 generations.


A flotilla of 6 assorted spaceships can turn the bi-blocks produced by this puffer into gliders, completing a period 240 forward rake.


Download RLE: click here

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