Blinker puffer 1

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Blinker puffer 1
Blinker puffer 1 image
Pattern type Puffer
Number of cells 37
Bounding box 9×18
Direction Orthogonal
Period 8
Speed c/2
Discovered by Robert Wainwright
Year of discovery 1984

Blinker puffer 1 was the first blinker puffer to be found, and was discovered by Robert Wainwright in 1984. It consists of a lightweight spaceship being escorted by a middleweight spaceship and a heavyweight spaceship. The blinkers that it outputs can be burned cleanly by attaching a blinker fuse to the end of it, a technique that is used in the construction of moving sawtooth, sawtooth 1163, slow puffer 1 and slow puffer 2.

It produces blinkers of the same spacing as those produced by blinker puffer 2, so a blinker fuse can similarly be used with that puffer.

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