c/6 orthogonal

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c/6 orthogonal
Spaceship Yes
Puffer No
Rake No
Wickstretcher No
Gun No

c/6 orthogonal is an orthogonal speed that is equivalent to one sixth of the speed of light.


The dragon

The first c/6 orthogonal spaceship to be found was the dragon, discovered in April 2000 by Paul Tooke using David Eppstein's spaceship search program, gfind. Two dragons can pull a toad in a manner similar to a toad sucker, and this was the only known way to create c/6 orthogonal spaceships until March 2006 when Paul Tooke discovered 274P6H1V0. In October 2008 Paul Tooke found 114P6H1V0, based on a pushalong component discovered by Hartmut Holzwart.[1] This component provides a forward domino spark that can be used to support the component itself, resulting in an extensible spaceship. In May 2009 Hartmut Holzwart found another pushalong component for this spaceship, as well as a much smaller c/6 orthogonal spaceship, 56P6H1V0.[2] Currently, all known c/6 orthogonal spaceships have a period of 6.


There are currently no known c/6 orthogonal puffers.

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