Gallery of neighbourhoods

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The following is a gallery of (some) neighbourhoods that may be used in two-dimensional cellular automata operating on the square lattice:

Range / Type von Neumann L2 Moore
1 Vonneumannneighbourhood 1cell.png L2 neighborhood range1.png Mooreneighbourhood 1cell.png
2 Vonneumannneighbourhood range2.png L2 neighborhood range2.png Mooreneighbourhood range2.png
3 Vonneumannneighbourhood range3.png L2 neighborhood range3.png Mooreneighbourhood range3.png
4 Vonneumannneighbourhood range4.png L2 neighborhood range4.png Mooreneighbourhood range4.png
5 Vonneumannneighbourhood range5.png L2 neighborhood range5.png Mooreneighbourhood range5.png
6 Vonneumannneighbourhood range6.png L2 neighborhood range6.png Mooreneighbourhood range6.png
7 Vonneumannneighbourhood range7.png L2 neighborhood range7.png Mooreneighbourhood range7.png
8 Vonneumannneighbourhood range8.png L2 neighborhood range8.png Mooreneighbourhood range8.png
9 Vonneumannneighbourhood range9.png L2 neighborhood range9.png Mooreneighbourhood range9.png
10 Vonneumannneighbourhood range10.png L2 neighborhood range10.png Mooreneighbourhood range10.png

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