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A period 30 glider duplicator that copies the green glider
Download RLE: click here
A glider duplicator is any reaction in which one input glider is converted into two output gliders by either a set of oscillators or spaceships. The most useful glider duplicators are those with low period.

The period 30 glider duplicator to the right demonstrates a simple glider duplicating mechanism that was found by Dietrich Leithner. The input glider stream comes in from the upper left, and the output glider streams leave at the upper and lower right. The mechanism is made up of two Gosper glider guns, and the rightmost glider gun acts as an inline inverter.

Spaceship convoys that can duplicate gliders are very useful since they (along with glider turners) provide a means to clean up many dirty puffers by duplicating and turning output gliders so as to impact into the exhaust to clean it up.

Glider duplicators (and turners) are known for backward gliders using period 2 c/2 spaceships, and for forward gliders using period 3 c/3 spaceships. These are the most general duplicators for these speeds.

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