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Gunstar image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 736
Bounding box 149×149
Period 144
Barrels 4
Discovered by David Buckingham
Year of discovery 1990

A gunstar is any of a series of four-barreled glider guns of period 144 + 72n (n ≥ 0) that were constructed by David Buckingham in 1990 based on his transparent block reaction and Robert Wainwright's period 72 oscillator "two blockers hassling R-pentomino". Two copies of the oscillator together with a blocker and two eater 1s can duplicate a glider. One output glider emerges in the same direction as the original; the other is turned 90 degrees. By putting together 4 such reflectors, a 4-barrelled gun can be constructed.

The version to the right is the "first" such gun, with a period of 144. The next such gun, with a period of 216, is shown below.[1]

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The period 216 gunstar
Download RLE: click here

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  1. Alan Hensel's pattern collection.

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