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Templates can be inserted into pages to easily produce frequently-required text or information boxes. This page catalogues some of the most useful and frequently-used templates on LifeWiki.

General templates

  • Template:Disambiglink - produces text like "for other meanings of the term..." that links to a disambiguation page, to be placed at the top of pages with names that may have multiple meanings
  • Template:Main - for indicating that the current section of the article is treated in more depth on another page

Pattern templates

A pattern template should be included at the top of every single page describing a specific pattern. The available pattern templates are listed below. When none of the templates match the type of pattern that the page is about, the general pattern template should be used.

External link templates

Where possible, external link templates should be used to link to external sites in the "External links" sections of articles; this facilitates updating links when sites move, etc. The available external link templates are listed below. When none of the templates link to the right site, a direct link should be used, and a new external link template created or requested at the Tiki bar.

Other page templates

Navigation boxes

Maintenance templates

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