Lobster (spaceship)

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11b3o$13bo$8b2o2bo$8b2o$12b2o$11b2o$10bo2bo2$8bo2bo$7bo3bo$6bob3o$5bo$ 5bo13bobo2b2o$6bo13b2obobo$b2o13b2o2bo4bo$o2b2o2b2o6bo3bo$5bo2bo6bo6b 2o$9b2o4bobo4b2o$2bo3bo3bo5bo$6b2o4bo2bo$bobo5bo3b2o$2o8bo$5bo4bo$7bo 3bo$4b2o5bo$4bo5bo! #C [[ THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 THUMBLAUNCH AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ TRACKLOOP 7 1/7 -1/7 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 4 HEIGHT 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Number of cells 83
Bounding box 26×26
Direction Diagonal
Period 7
Mod 7
Speed c/7
Heat 81.7
Discovered by Matthias Merzenich
Year of discovery 2011

Lobster is a c/7 diagonal spaceship that was discovered by Matthias Merzenich in August 2011. It was the first c/7 diagonal spaceship to be found.[1] It consists of two gliders pulling a tagalong that then rephases them.


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