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Rectifier image
Pattern type Stable reflector
Number of cells 59
Bounding box 41×33
Angle 180°
Repeat time 106
Discovered by Adam P. Goucher
Year of discovery 2009

The rectifier is a 180° stable glider reflector made up of two eater 1s, a block, a beehive, and a modification of eater 3. The normal tub-stabilised eater 3 can be used here to reduce the population count, but the snake-stabilised eater 3 has a smaller bounding box. The rectifier is notable for its recovery time of 106 generations and small number of catalysts. It can replace the boojum reflector in a large number of instances, although in some cases it cannot fit into the space provided. Its advantages over the boojum reflector include

  • It has a much faster recovery time, allowing certain guns to be compacted;
  • Its passive bounding box is slightly smaller, so it can further compact many glider guns;
  • Its output path is free of catalysts, enabling it to be used as a merge device.

The transparent beehive reaction was discovered by Paul Callahan in 1996.

Image gallery

An incoming glider (in green) and an outgoing glider (in red) 167 generations later

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