Sawtooth 562

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Sawtooth 562
Sawtooth 562 image
Pattern type Sawtooth
Number of cells 415
Bounding box 105×74
Expansion factor 6
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Tim Coe
Year of discovery 1992

Sawtooth 562 is an orthogonal sawtooth with expansion factor 6 that was found by Dean Hickerson and Tim Coe on August 14, 1992. Its population in generations t near 28(6n) is about t/5 if t is odd and about 3t/20 if t is even. However, its population in generation 14(6n) - 84 (n ≥ 2) is only 562. Even more specifically, the population in generation t = 28(6n) + 12 (n ≥ 1) is 3t/20 + 555, which drops to t/5 + 599 in the next generation.

It works by using a spark from a period 4, speed c/4 orthogonal spaceship, found by Tim Coe, to turn one lightweight spaceship into a loaf, which is then pulled back by subsequent pairs of lightweight spaceships (see tractor beam). When the loaf is pulled all the way back, it gets deleted and the cycle begins again.

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