Natural c/98 HighLife spaceship

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Re: Natural c/98 HighLife spaceship

Post by mniemiec » August 11th, 2017, 3:22 am

Sokwe wrote:I think it would be much better if someone would compile a collection of most of the notable HighLife patterns. This collection could then be linked to from the HighLife page on the wiki. A page for the c/98 ship probably wouldn't have much more information than the HighLife pattern collection would.
This past week I have been working on adding a HighLife page to my site, compiling some infromation from my old notes, plus the wiki, David Bell's article, and a few other places. I cobbled together a 10 glider synthesis for the c/98 (only to discover this thread, and Extrementhusiast's virtually identical synthesis from two years ago!). It will be added the next time I post an update to my site (which will hopefully happen before hell freezes over).

On a somewhat related note, the wiki page mentions spaceship 28P5H1V1, but there appears to be no record of any such spaceship anywhere online that I could find. However, while I was looking through my old HighLife files, I found a spaceship that matches that description. I vaguely remember copying it from an email or posting; unfortunately, I have no record of when or where this came from.

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x = 16, y = 16, rule = B36/S23

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Re: Natural c/98 HighLife spaceship

Post by wwei23 » August 12th, 2017, 1:49 am

muzik wrote:
drc wrote:Also the duoplet is shown as a period 2 oscillator instead of a spark, which it is in B2/S, etc.
and a still life like in B3/S12...

Also, the clock can be an oscillator in three different ways
Scrubber in at least 8(See random posts).

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