A trivial request

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A trivial request

Post by Hunting » July 11th, 2021, 3:09 am

I apologies for telling others what to do, but during the time I was not here, I was saving catagolue LeapLife C1 textcensus roughly daily (since 5/8/2021) and calling attribute for every discovery to avoid the loss of attribute info. I'm going to travel where I will not be able to use computer and, after that, I'm going to be in Grade 9 and will no longer have access to computers.

I don't have a script of filtering new discoveries - I used some online text processing tools like textdiff and code beautifier and the like. But it should be trivial to write a script for it.

I therefore ask you to keep this textcensus manual twitter bot thing going, if you will...
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