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Signals on double blocked track found in WMPVN-45678_45bc_20

Posted: April 24th, 2011, 7:10 am
by ynotds
This is posted for the benefit of those who might want to try using it for signal processing. The signals and blocking operate on double and single tracks across a range of similar rules, but I can't give priority to identifying the full scope. One thing I did establish is that the head on collision between two signals when in phase (as pictured) leaves no trace whereas when out of phase a head on cuts the double track, at least in the rule where I first observed them.

Giving that pic a suitable permanent address became an excuse for me to finally start work on a website for WMPVN but that was quickly overrun in importance by the discovery, in the same area of rules, of a true knight ship which I posted about in the knight trail thread, though, having found it, there is very little more that needs to be said about it.