Reprocessors and a constructor (WMPVN)

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Reprocessors and a constructor (WMPVN)

Post by ynotds » September 6th, 2011, 12:07 pm

Slowly accumulating more systematic coverage of a target millionth part the WMPVN rule space, for the past couple of months mostly focused on WMPVN-45678b_45abx_20-31 (x indicates presence or absence of c) which looks like a representative subset to do manageable comparisons with, and finding a diverse collection of "reprocessors", a generalisation of GoL's wick burners.

Notably, this subset has certain track "deblocking" geometries which produce a p4s4t reprocessor leaving the same block trail that is reasonably common in Generations 345/3/6 patterns. One notable difference is that the WMPVN reprocessor running at c must eventually overhaul the track laying "engine" running at c/2 so the WMPVN block trails are always finite, albeit often large enough to provide long runs for a wide variety of secondary reprocessors. (This WMPVN rule subset also forms a distinctive p60 pattern with 180° cyclic symmetry.)
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The attached zip file contains an example recently found of one such arrangement where the secondary p24s28t reprocessor produces a rake which interacts with a parallel track to construct an ever widening tail that in turn leaves an angled trail of groups of 4 blocks repeated p72x4y76t.

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