Rotating gun (WMPVN 45678/459/13)

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Rotating gun (WMPVN 45678/459/13)

Post by ynotds » October 18th, 2011, 5:26 am

I'm sure they are common enough in Star Wars and similar rules, but it had reached the point a month or so ago, I almost posted here asking if anybody had found a rotating gun in a B3 rule because it was the one relatively simple possibility I hadn't found in two years looking mostly at Generations 345/3/6 and a further 10 months on WMPVN-45678xx/45xxxx/n. (WMPVN B45 is almost equivalent to Moore totalistic B3.)

But for the last month I've been focused on a family of rules, some of which produce widening shoulders, the first of which I posted about months ago 45678/459x/17, with the more recent ones still a work in progress. However today I decided to generate my first few viable seeds for 45678/459/13 and almost immediately spotted a run of common asymmetric c/2 (space)ships, one following the next at 18 cell intervals, and quickly saw they were being produced by my till then hypothetical rotating gun which has an 18 cell precursor and which was produced often enough running that original discovery pattern to 30,000 iterations that I am confident it will eventually appear in even more interesting structures.
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Re: Rotating gun (WMPVN 45678/459/13)

Post by EricG » October 18th, 2011, 5:50 am

I confess I've been ignoring WMPVN references because I didn't know what they referred to. I just found which explains all and greatly heightens my interest in the rulespace.

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