SCP Challenge

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Tom Mazanec
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SCP Challenge

Post by Tom Mazanec » December 19th, 2017, 10:18 pm

Go to the SCP Foundation and write an SCP for them based on a life pattern.

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Re: SCP Challenge

Post by fluffykitty » March 9th, 2018, 7:20 pm

Maybe it could be IceNine or something

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Re: SCP Challenge

Post by GUYTU6J » August 27th, 2022, 6:11 am

So, like...

SCP-CGoL-0137 - Icenine - The Original
SCP-CGoL-0314 - Pi-R-Squared spaceship
SCP-CGoL-0010 - gfind bug
SCP-CGoL-0006 - Annoying Stray Ash

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Re: SCP Challenge

Post by hotcrystal0 » September 26th, 2022, 1:31 pm

SCP-CGoL-267 Sentient Cells

n0te: th1s SCP alt3r5 4ny d1g1t4l t3×t ab0ut 1t t0 b3 wr1tten 1n leet. S0rr¥ 1f th!s 1s h4rd t0 r3ad.
0bj3ct cl4s5: S4f3

Sp3ci4l C0nta1nm3nt Pr0c3dur3s: 1 c0p¥ 0f th1s SCP 1s t0 b3 5t0red 0n a c0mpu73r !n S1t3-19. Und3r n0 c1rcum5tanc3s sh0uld th1s SCP b3 term!nat3d b¥ runn1ng the s1mul4t1on wh1l3 1t !s a sp4rk 0r b¥ ch4ng1ng th3 rul3 t0 an¥th1ng 0th3r th4n CGoL.

D3scr1pt!0n: SCP-CGoL-267 1s a ¢0ll3cti0n 0f c3lls d15cov3r3d 1n a L1f3V1ew3r w1nd0w 0n 4 c0mput3r 1n r00m[R3D4CTED] 0f th3 M1T. SCP-CGoL-267 1s s3nt!ent, 4nd c4n c0mmun1cat3 b¥ arr4ng1ng it5elf 1n th3 sh4pe 0f l3tt3r5. SCp-CGoL-267 1s c4pabl3 0f tr4nsf3rr1ng 0nt0 4ny CGoL s1mul4tor, 3ven 1f th3y 4r3 0n diff3r3nt c0mput3rs, as l0ng a5 th3y ar3 dir3ct|y aja¢3nt t0 e4ch oth3r. SCP-CGoL-267 1s als0 cap4bl3 0f c0nv3rt1ng n0rm4l c3lls t0 SCp-CGoL-267 c3ll5. Th1s ab1lit¥ !s at w1ll.

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x = 192, y = 53, rule = Conway's Life

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x = 12, y = 12, rule = B3-ckq4cj5c8/S2-i34c5e

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