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Reddit destroyed r/secretsanta!It was an organization that spread joy and did heroism!Please join r/newsecretsanta!

Posted: June 13th, 2021, 3:29 pm
by BokaBB

Reddit long ago stole r/secretsanta from its creator,u/kickme444!

They now want to destroy it!

It is an organization that helped many people and spread happiness,love,joy and did incredible heroism!

It is a real beauty that must not be destroyed!

It is a crime to destroy it!It is also purely for money!

Money is evil,we will not progress until we destroy money!

Fortunately,u/kickme444 made r/newsecretsanta in hope to keep the spirit of giving alive!

Hopefully it will soon move to somewhere outside Reddit to not give tycoons more money. Until then,please join r/newsecretsanta and make someone happy!

Have a good day!