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Connect The Points (Game)

Posted: September 7th, 2021, 2:06 pm
by BokaBB
Hello, everyone!The formerEmperor Of The Sandbox is back!
Here is a game for you all.
There is a pattern,like this one:

Code: Select all

x = 13, y = 9, rule = Devore

There are various multi - coloured dots here. Your mission is to connect all the like - coloured dots so that those lines do not cross or overlap(Though they may touch.),the whole thing is stable in Conway's game of life and the bounding box defined by four yellow points is as much filled as possible. The yellow cells do not have to be alive and you may change their colour. They are just there for reference.
I am posting the puzzle here in the Devore rule to distinguish the dots which you should connect. You should also post the solutions in the same one,though I will manually convert your solutions to Conway's game of life to see the thing's stability.
Once the first one is solved, you may post your ones!
Enjoy your life and all the best!
Have a good day!