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Please Share Your Latest Analogy !

Posted: April 9th, 2022, 8:24 pm
by otismo
The general idea of this thread is that there are valuable analogous relationships inherent within the realm of CGoL ( and other CA ).

So let us share them, as they may occur !

For instance, the Glider is like a Virus because it has limited information :

Enough to morph through four phases of itself ( giving it apparent Locomotion ), but unable to replicate or "make" anything by itself.

So all our work in Glider Synthesis and Universal Construction shows us what viruses might be cabable of.

Another analogy is that we ought to be able to do some remarkable syntheses of objects from the five-cell R-pentomino !

Because it is jam-packed full of information and can make all kinds of things all by itself !

Cheers !