Year-End Holidays Message : Greetings to All !

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Year-End Holidays Message : Greetings to All !

Post by otismo » December 19th, 2022, 4:37 pm

I feel good because it is possible for a Global Community to exist

where many can communicate, co-operate and collaborate

and do so many Awesome Things Together - WoW !

It is good that we can have such trust and confidence

because if it ever is gone, it may take a long, long time

to come back, and it may NEVER COME BACK...

So I want to apologize for posting so much

about NFTs and Crypto

because it now looks like they are being used to DESTROY

Trust and Confidence

which are VERY PRECIOUS to me...

Thank You - Happy Holidays !


Right now I am "coming thru" - the website - NOT the Users who use the WebSite -

feeling it is important to make this distinction...

Recommendation to Elon Musk : it may be useful to study Sam Insull -

I do not know how he would get my recommendation since I do not tweet.

Anyone who cares can feel free to help me develop, my attempt to

"roll my own Twitter"; of course, I would be the first to suggest that YOU ought to

"roll your own Twitter". I am attempting here to follow the guidelines in Volume Four

of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy...

Cheers !


They just love clubbing all the baby seals to death,

but sometimes the mice swarm in under the feet of the dancing elephants and steal all the cheese,

especially if they know how to Thread the Needle in the HayStack !

Yes !
"One picture is worth 1000 words; but one thousand words, carefully crafted, can paint an infinite number of pictures."
- autonomic writing
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