The Exchange Office

A forum where anything goes. Introduce yourselves to other members of the forums, discuss how your name evolves when written out in the Game of Life, or just tell us how you found it. This is the forum for "non-academic" content.
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The Exchange Office

Post by BokaBB » February 21st, 2023, 7:23 am

Here's a place to request for something to be done for you. In exchange you need to offer something too to do for whoever completes it-no unfair requests and bragging.
It's allowed to negotiate with the solution-giver about the prize.

I'll begin.

MISSION: 2 parts:
1. Teach me to apgsearch with praosylen's 32-bit non-totalistic apgsearch
2. Make a gun for this ship:

Code: Select all

x = 13, y = 34, rule = 34578/257/16
(hint:viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4242&p=102846&hili ... ds#p102846)
REWARD: I'll apgsearch a rule of your choice to the extent agreed.
Almost certainly staying.
Sure, I was a bad person, but I have changed myself.
I'd love to befriend anybody who's interested.
Have a good day!


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