Glider/**SS Reactions

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Glider/**SS Reactions

Post by Jackk » March 13th, 2012, 8:24 pm

Hi, I'm a long-time lurker who has "played" with CGOL for about a year. Recently I have been particularly interested in flyby reactions, and below is a "chain" reaction. I just wondered whether I have inadvertently discovered any new mechanisms.

*Disclaimer - I developed this independently and discovered all these mechanisms on my own. However, I do not take credit as being the first one to find these mechanisms. Any or all of these may have been discovered.*

a) P48 Schick engine backward rake
b) Backward glider - pre-traffic light - forward glider
c) forward glider - mess - 2 forward gliders
*unknown puffer engine here - cannot find on Lifewiki
d) 2 forward gliders - 1 forward glider
e) forward glider - pre-traffic light - forward glider
f) forward glider - mess - backward glider
*Coe ship used
g) backward glider - loaf - forward glider
h) forward glider - B-heptonimo - pre-traffic light - forward glider
i) glider - 0

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x = 451, y = 185, rule = B3/S23

Dr. Monstaa
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Re: Glider/**SS Reactions

Post by Dr. Monstaa » March 14th, 2012, 1:40 pm


I don't recognise these mechansims from any pattern i've seen so you may have discovered them. These do have a potential to be used in a larger mechanism or to what I've noticed if you remove the last MWSS it creates a p48 rake (predessesor). Frankly though, I would be suprised if these weren't discovered. Still these are nice reactions to find even under ones own power.
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Re: Glider/**SS Reactions

Post by Jackk » March 14th, 2012, 5:19 pm

Another reaction

This is probably redundant, but I've been tinkering with the B-heptonimo possibilites, and found this 4-spaceship glider turner (forward - back). I just liked how the glider is formed very early on (is it the normal first emitted glider of a Herschel?), and the debris vanishes to a block, even removing the original block produced by the B-heptonimo.

forward glider - B - Herschel+block - backward glider+mess+block - backward glider+block - backward glider

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x = 135, y = 57, rule = B3/S23

Jason Summers
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Re: Glider/**SS Reactions

Post by Jason Summers » March 14th, 2012, 9:19 pm

Jackk wrote:I just wondered whether I have inadvertently discovered any new mechanisms.
(a) p48 back rake, using a Schick engine
This is larger than known technology; see the c2-extended/c2-0048.lif file in my jslife collection.
But the glider release position (at the side) is good, and maybe it could be optimized.

(b) B(ackward glider) -> F(orward glider), same side, using 3 *WSS
Huh. This should be jslife:velocity-c2/turners-c2-p4-b.lif, but seems to be missing. The mechanism is known, though, and it appears in jslife:misc/flyby-toglider.lif.

(c) F -> 2F, opposite side, using p8 spaceship + 2 *WSS
(d) 2F -> F using MWSS
Cute, though very specialized.
The p8 spaceship is known; see jslife:c2-extended/c2-0008-ss.lif.

(e) F -> F, opposite side, using 3 *WSS
This is in jslife:velocity-c2/turners-c2-p4-f.lif (in an optimized form).

(f) F -> B, opposite side, using Coe ship + 3 *WSS
(h) F -> F, same side, using 5 *WSS
These are probably too expensive (too many *WSSs) to be of much general interest.

(g.1) B -> loaf, using LWSS

(g.2) loaf -> F, using 3 *WSS
This is in jslife:misc/flyby-toglider.lif, in a slightly different form.
Efficient "flyby" reactions, where a stationary object is turned into another object, are of some interest (to me at least). It would be nice to have a bigger collection of them.

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