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'Art' forum on conwaylife.com

Post by BokaBB » March 16th, 2023, 2:58 pm

Hey ya. I'm sorry, but I have little time, so this will be a kinda rushed post.

CA are currently obviously a very niche topic worldwide, but it's been hinted multiple times the art part hardly has any existence. The first link is for the broader topic, the second about art. Given the entry barrier into the CA world only grows this is a problem.

Another problem is this is by far the most authoritative site on CA on the Internet (to the extent of it being almost impossible to learn about patterns like Gemini without at least being a guest here) and yet I don't think it's well-known. I'd probably never have joined if not for a certain game that happened to have a link to some LifeWiki pages.

I feel this site would both become more widely known and art in CGOL expand in popularity if we made a dedicated forum like General Discussion, Other Cellular Automata and such here. I'd go as far as to not put into The Sandbox group of forums but the Game of Life one as to not give it less importance.

While short-term effects would be negligible due to CA art's current obscurity, at some point the number of the people here would appreciably increase and CA art would prosper. It would lower the entry barrier and make this place funnier. However, I fear there could be clashes between 'engineers' and 'artists' far into the future as the two demographics might get reasonably dissimilar on average, perhaps to the extent of them leaving to a rival forum en masse. We could solve that to an extent by kinda limiting usage of that forum but that has inherent disadvantages too and will likely make more problems than solve, making one really question why are we making it in the first place.

Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.
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