Golly script cancel bug

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Golly script cancel bug

Post by bubblegum » January 13th, 2021, 2:08 pm

(NOTE: This bug was found in Golly 3.2, which is what I'm currently using for synthesis. This uses Python 2.x scripts and may be exclusive to Python 2.x. This bug may not require fixing due to the move to Python 3.x. The prerequisites given are exactly the ones I used to reproduce the error.)

Prerequisites: synthesise-constellation-4G.py; synthesise-patt.py; Python 2.7; Golly 3.2

1) Construct a constellation that will most likely not be produced by a 4G collision.
2) Run synthesise-constellation. It should give the "better luck next time" dialogue box.
3) Cancel out, and run synthesise-patt.

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