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Re: Golly suggestions

Post by muzik » September 2nd, 2019, 3:35 pm

How about supporting Larger than Life rules with half-integer ranges? These would be a bit like range extensions of isotropic Margolus rules, since the neighbourhood would change between for example this and this:

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x = 15, y = 5, rule = bs012345678History
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Re: Golly suggestions

Post by fluffykitty » September 2nd, 2019, 5:22 pm

The QuickLife algorithm is theoretically capable of supporting all 2-state p2 alternating rules. Maybe support for that could be added.
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Re: Golly suggestions

Post by roolif » November 19th, 2019, 7:36 pm

  1. Diagonal mode ( *** this is really the reason why I post this *** )
    The golly canvas switched between orthogonal and diagonal ( everything is rotated 45º). This includes the selection boxes, that is, commands like CTRL-F or CTRL-A. Of course, down to the multipixel cell zoom, the borders become jagged, with the corners being either one or two cells. Two corner "colours" :-)
  2. Freehand selection ( Didn't have the chance to try EditLife )
  3. Hover boxes ( doable as overlays ? )
    Widgets hovering over the canvas, dragged at will, transparent to the simulation. Saveable as a separate layer, with an specific syntax.
    1. Trigger zones
      The simulation stops when any living cell is found inside the widget area
    2. Output only :
      Guns emitting gliders/*WSSs, with defined rate/phase, or in response to a mouse click on the widget
    3. I & O:
      1. Boolean operations on gliders. This can be used as an aid in top-down design of circuits.
      2. Colour Changer.
      3. CC/CP 90/180 reflectors
  4. Info Edit
    Ability to edit the current pattern #C
  5. Python/Lua directory setting, to avoid version conflicts. *** PLZZZZZZZ ***
  6. HotKey/button to execute the last script
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Re: Golly suggestions

Post by Moosey » November 19th, 2019, 7:47 pm

roolif wrote:
November 19th, 2019, 7:36 pm
c)- I/O :
I- Boolean operations on gliders. This can be used as an aid in top-down design of circuits.
II- Colour Changer
III- CC/CP 90/180 reflectors
III is not at all a golly wishlist item in my opinion as much as a wishlist for things to be found in the next year
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Re: Golly suggestions

Post by Redstoneboi » December 3rd, 2019, 8:06 am

Make it so that before a new .rule file is opened, it asks if you want to copy the file into your rules folder, and copies the file if yes.
It would make it a tad bit easier to add new rules, and it makes sense since you already have support for pasting new rules directly into Golly.
This should theoretically all happen before actually opening the .rule file, so if the answer is no, it could simply display the default error message.
That may also mean that a minimal amount of changes are added, just a new dialogue box just before the original rule file open code.
Maybe later on you could make it so that your current option will be saved until the next dialogue box opens, so you could add a "Don't ask me again" option that can be changed in Preferences.
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Re: Golly suggestions

Post by Gustone » Yesterday, 2:37 am

сtrl+drag mouse adds to selection
shift+drag mouse removes from selection
alt+drag mouse xors selection

i like paint net

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x = 19, y = 2, rule = B3/S23

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