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Re: apgsearch v4.0

Posted: March 9th, 2019, 4:28 am
by wildmyron
77topaz wrote:I'm not sure why apgsearch preferentially decides to still use clang for that part, but calcyman added some code to the latest apgsearch commit that makes it compatible with clang anyway, so I don't get the error anymore.
When you run gcc on the command line, or it is called from, the first executable file with that name on your Path is executed. In your case it is Apple's shim which is named gcc that is being run. This is clear from the output of "gcc --version". The gcc which you installed separately may have a different binary name (such as gcc-4.xx) or be located somewhere else on the Path, but it is not being used when you call gcc or g++ or when you recompile apgsearch.