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Post by BokaBB » May 23rd, 2021, 1:50 pm

Festivals are a new feature if which I thought recently.
Festivals are special events during which the forum rules are a bit relaxed. Nathaniel can turn them on if there is a reason or demand,but lots of them will be fixed in the forum's code and will be constant at certain times of the year.
When will there be Festivals?
Primarily on religious and commonly known famous dates. However,I would also like there to be a Festival once when this feature is enabled and on the anniversaries of that date.
How the rules will be relaxed?
This is the most interesting topic to talk about as we must resolve this if we want Festivals to exist.
In my opinion all the discussion about the date and making patterns somehow related to it should be done.
Some days like 1. April should definitely have their own rulesets and on that specific date the rules should probably be very liberal. I would also like to make it impossible for people to be banned on that day but I guess that that would attract people to do a lot of crime that day so probably no.
I believe that The Sandbox should also be more free during the Festivals.
What do you think?
Please do not lock this thread as something may well happen.
Have a good day!

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