apgluxe b2s2h not showing progress

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apgluxe b2s2h not showing progress

Post by SPACEman » June 22nd, 2021, 1:21 am

Disclamer: I'm new here! I am also new to the syntax of rules, however I think I have a basic understanding

I have downloaded and compiled apgluxe v5.2-ll2.4.3 and have sucessfully run through the following sequence of instructions

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./apgluxe -k <mykey>
This started the program and ran the default b3s23/C1 rule with periodic outputs after the intital startup messages. I moved forward with the assumption that it was operating properly.

I attepted to recompile for b2s2h/C1 as I am personally interested in a hexagonal version found here:

The code compiles successfully, and returned:

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apgluxe v5.2-ll2.4.3: Rule b2s2h is correctly configured.
apgluxe v5.2-ll2.4.3: Symmetry C1 is correctly configured.
The program appears to hang indefinitely when attempting to run:

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./apgluxe -k <mykey>
All it produces is:

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Greetings, this is apgluxe v5.2-ll2.4.3, configured for b2s2h/C1.

Lifelib version: ll2.4.3
Compiler version: 10.2.0
Python version: '3.8.10 (default, May 20 2021, 11:41:59)  [GCC 10.2.0]'

Peer-reviewing hauls:

No more hauls to verify.

Peer-review complete; proceeding search.

Using seed k_HVHTwHrkDZPA
Instruction set AVX2 detected
Running 10000000 soups per haul:
I have experimented with a few other symmetries without success.

Any help in understanding more about this issue would be helpful.

I happen to know there is a spaceship in b2s2h/C3 but I am content to search other symmetries, as I believe C3 is not currently supported.

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Re: apgluxe b2s2h not showing progress

Post by GUYTU6J » June 22nd, 2021, 2:24 am

Hello, welcome to the forums!
The rule you want to explore behaves explosively, which is hazardous to apgsearch and therefore chokes the program.
We recommend a better cellular automata simulator called Golly, in which you can generate a random initial configuration (soup) and evolve it under a rule before setting up apgsearch.
This is such a soup from Golly:

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x = 16, y = 16, rule = B2/S2H
Although it is asymmetric (C1), it could pretty much show what the chaotic growth is like under other symmetries.

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x = 60, y = 29, rule = B2-a/S12

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Re: apgluxe b2s2h not showing progress

Post by SPACEman » June 22nd, 2021, 5:41 pm

Wow! Thanks for all the help! I had seen some growth when playing on the website I linked, due to the bounds on that model, I had no idea the growth was so explosive! :lol:

As for Golly, I will gladly look into it!

Thanks again!

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