Life Still-Lifes Buildable From Six Gliders

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217 still-lifes buildable from six gliders

First 100 still-lifes

6-glider still-lifes 1-100

Second 100 still-lifes

6-glider still-lifes 101-200

Last 16 Still-Lifes

6-glider still-lifes 201-216

Other objects buildable from 6 gliders: still-lifes, pseudo-still-lifes, P2 oscillators, P2 pseudo-oscillators, P3 oscillator, P5 oscillator, P6 oscillator, P8 oscillator, P15 oscillators, P15 pseudo-oscillators, P30 oscillators, P30 pseudo-oscillators, spaceships, constellations, naturally-occurring objects.

Other costs: 2 gliders, 3 gliders, 4 gliders, 5 gliders, 6 gliders, 1 glider/bit, >1 glider/bit, unknown.

Other still-lifes: 4-bit, 5-bit, 6-bit, 7-bit, 8-bit, 9-bit, 10-bit, 11-bit, 12-bit, 13-bit, 14-bit, 15-bit, 16-bit, 17-bit, 18-bit, 19-bit, 20-bit, 21-bit, 22-bit, 23-bit, 24-bit, 25-bit, 26-bit, 27-bit, 28-bit, 29-bit, 30-bit and larger, not quite still.

Other types: still-lifes, pseudo-still-lifes, oscillators, pseudo-oscillators, oscillators by period, pseudo-oscillators by period, guns, multi-colored Life, basic spaceships and pseudo-spaceships, exotic spaceships, spaceships flotillae, puffers, constellations, methuselahs, not quite stable objects.

See also: Life objects sorted by: counts, frequency of occurrence, cost in gliders, name, size in bits, or type.

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