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Breaking news

The latter half of 2014 has seen a major explosion in the object synthesis area, so there has not been time to update these pages to keep up with them. This is a list of some of these discoveries, which will be added here as time permits:


These are some of the main features of these pages:


The following are known deficiencies and limitations with these pages:


The following are known bugs on these pages. These are specifically things that are proper HTML, and rendered correctly in most browsers, especially Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but which displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer versions at least up to 10:

Recent changes to these pages

This is a list of major changes in these pages. Minor fixes, such as fixed typos, re-worded descriptions, or slightly-improved syntheses (usually as a result of improved bookkeeping) are not listed:

2015-02-19 Major site overhaul, including the following, among others:

(* NOTE: syntheses for 15-bit still-lifes, 18-bit period 2 oscillators, and 21-bit period 3 oscillators are currently incomplete, and are works in progress.)

2013-04-01 Previous version of these pages went down.

1999-11-20 Previous version of these pages.

1997-11-19 Pages first created.

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