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Golly Scripts Database

Here you will find a collection of Perl and Python scripts for use with Golly. All of these scripts have been tested and are safe to run. If you have questions or concerns about one of the scripts, you may either contact the author of the script directly or ask on the forums.

Script NameDescription (v1.00)  An implementation of 3D Life inspired by the work of Carter Bays. Very slow, but it does illustrate some useful scripting techniques. (v1.00)  Useful for doing simple timing tests. (v1.00)  Changes all cells from one given state to another given state. Works in any rule with more than 2 states. (v1.00)  Copies the current selection to the clipboard as a text pattern. (v1.01)  Converts a LifeOnTheEdge pattern to an equivalent LifeOnTheSlope pattern (which is created in a new layer). (v1.00)  Duplicates the current pattern and settings in a new layer, but doesn't copy the undo/redo history. Much faster than the Duplicate Layer menu command, especially for very large patterns. (v1.00)  Fills the selection with the current drawing state. (v1.02)  Displays all rules that the current pattern works under (e.g., the output for a glider is "B3/S23 - B3678/S0235678"). (v1.01)  Evolves a pattern to the specified generation using the HashLife algorithm. (v1.01)  Calculates the heat of the current pattern (assumed to be an oscillator or spaceship). (v1.00)  Rotates a hexagonal neighborhood pattern by 60 degrees clockwise. (v1.00)  Creates a histogram plot showing the frequencies of all cell states in the current selection, if one exists, otherwise the entire pattern. (v1.00)  Apply a filter, similar to Gimp effects, to an image via Golly. Requires the Python Imaging Library. (v1.00)  Import potentially photorealistic images as cells. Requires the Python Imaging Library. (v1.01)  Creates and installs a .tree file using a Python transition function passed in via the clipboard. (v1.00)  Creates a Wn.tree file for an odd numbered Wolfram 1D rule where n is from 1 to 255. (v1.00)  Use this script after running and creating a seed pattern. (v1.00)  A generalisation of Ed Fredkin's pattern replicating XOR rule. (v1.00)  Randomly fills the current selection with a specified range of live states. (v1.00)  Golly's Save Pattern dialog always uses .rle as the default format, so this script brings up the same dialog but with .mc as the default format. (v1.00)  Saves the current selection or pattern in a .bmp file (does not require the Python Imaging Library). (v1.01)  Saves the current selection or pattern in a specified image file (.png/.bmp/.gif/.tif/.jpg). Requires the Python Imaging Library. (v1.00)  Calculates the density of live and dying cells in the current selection. Best used with a Generations rule. (v1.02)  Evolves the current pattern on a torus (the torus is the currently-selected region).