1×N quadratic growth

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1×N quadratic growth
1×N quadratic growth image
Pattern type Miscellaneous
Number of cells 12599
Bounding box 1013783×1
Discovered by Stephen Silver
Year of discovery 2011

1×N quadratic growth is a pattern found by Stephen Silver on April 20 2011; it is the first pattern discovered that starts out with the thickness of a single cell and has quadratic growth. It uses the breeder from Nick Gotts' 26-cell quadratic growth.[1]

On November 6, 2014, Chris Cain completed a 14812×1 pattern that exhibits quadratic growth — and on November 10th he reduced this to 7242×1.[2] One year later, the pattern was further reduced to 2596×1.[3]


Chris Cain's 7242×1 quadratic growth pattern
Download RLE: click here
Generation 232 of Stephen Silver's 1×N quadratic growth, viewed at a scale of 220:1.

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