Adam P. Goucher

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Adam P. Goucher
Born Unknown
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Adam P. Goucher (/gaʊt͡ʃə(ɹ)/ or /guʃe/ [1]) is a Life enthusiast currently residing in the United Kingdom.

Among his numerous contributions to the Game of Life were the construction of the Spartan universal computer-constructor and the P1 megacell. He also collaborated with Ivan Fomichev, Chris Cain and Dave Greene on the half-baked knightship, and found the first elementary knightship, Sir Robin, based on partial results by Tomas Rokicki.

He wrote the apgsearch soup searcher and the lifelib C++ library, devised the Life128 and vlife algorithms, and implemented and operates Catagolue.

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