C/5 diagonal

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c/5 diagonal
Spaceship Yes
Puffer Yes
Rake No
Wickstretcher No
Gun No

c/5 diagonal is a diagonal speed that is equivalent to one fifth of the speed of light.


The first c/5 diagonal spaceship to be discovered was 295P5H1V1 and was found by Jason Summers on November 22, 2000.[1] No other spaceships of this speed were discovered until January 8, 2005, when Jason summers found the much smaller 86P5H1V1. In July 2006 Nicolay Beluchenko discovered three new c/5 diagonal spaceships, including the asymmetric 67P5H1V1.[2] The smallest known c/5 diagonal spaceship, 58P5H1V1, was discovered By Matthias Merzenich on September 5, 2010.


the first c/5 diagonal puffer to be discovered
Download RLE: click here

The first c/5 diagonal puffer was built by Matthias Merzenich on September 5, 2010. It consists of four copies of 58P5H1V1 continually hassling a glider, leaving debris behind at a period of 1450.

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