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Conducted by Adam P. Goucher
Type Distributed
Year(s) 2015 – 2016
Status Ongoing
Universe Infinite plane
Soup size 16×16
Initial soup density 0.5
Soups searched >4,648,355,446,612
Total objects >101,538,813,013,087
Distinct objects >86,933

Catagolue[note 1] is an ongoing distributed census of naturally occurring ash objects conducted by Adam P. Goucher, started in 2015.

The results are obtained by evolving random soups of size 16×16 with density 0.5 in an infinite planar universe; as of June 23, 2016, more than 4,648,355,446,612 soups were investigated by the census's participants, yielding a total of more than 101,538,813,013,087 objects of 86,933 distinct types. Submissions of new results (called "hauls") are subjected to both statistical tests and peer-review by other participants before being comitted to the census.

Catagolue is primarily fed by apgsearch, including apgnano (apgsearch 2.x) and apgmera (apgsearch 3.x) as well as Aidan F. Pierce's hacked version supporting arbitrary semi-totalistic cellular automata. Each resulting object is identified by apgsearch by its unique apgcode; the Catagolue website gives overviews over the various classes of objects found, and provides further information as well as sample soups for each object.

Higher symmetries

In addition to asymmetric (C1) soups, Catagolue also collects census data for symmetric soups of the following types:

  • C2_1, C2_2, C2_4: 180° (two-fold) rotational symmetry
  • C4_1, C4_4: 90° (four-fold) rotational symmetry
  • D2_+1, D2_+2: reflectional symmetry along an orthogonal line
  • D2_x: reflectional symmetry along a diagonal line
  • D4_+1, D4_+2, D4_+4: reflectional symmetry along two perpendicular orthogonal lines
  • D4_x1, D4_x4: reflectional symmetry along two perpendicular diagonal lines
  • D8_1, D8_4: reflectional symmetry along four orthogonal/diagonal through a common center

In addition, the 8x32 pseudo-symmetry is used for soups of size 8×32 instead of 16×16.

Other rules

Catagolue supports the investigation of arbitrary rules, both totalistic rules and semi-totalistic rules in Hensel notation; in practice, only non-exploding rules can reasonably be investigated.


Catagolue does not accept hauls of less than 10,000 soups, or hauls exceeding 1 MiB.

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  1. The name "Catagolue" is an amalgam of "Catalogue" and "GoL" (Game of Life).

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