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* [[Caterpillar]]
* [[Caterpillar]]
[[Category:Universal constructors]]
[[Category:Engineered spaceships]]
[[Category:Engineered spaceships]]

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Centipede image
Pattern type Spaceship
Number of cells 620901
Bounding box 11652×126714
Direction Orthogonal
Period 240
Mod Unknown
Speed 31c/240
Speed (unsimplified) Unknown
Heat 402634.1
Discovered by Chris Cain
Year of discovery 2014

The centipede is the second smallest known 31c/240 spaceship after the caterloopillar's 31c/240 variant, and is the smallest 31c/240 spaceship making use of the 31c/240 reaction. It was discovered by Chris Cain later on the same day as the shield bug[1] and actually reuses most of its circuitry despite of having quite different shape. Its smaller size is due to a more compact front-end that was built by Cain a day earlier.


  1. Chris Cain (September 4, 2014). "Re: 31c/240 caterpillar working notes". Retrieved on September 5, 2014.

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