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(Will cost 91 gliders in latest update)
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|isorulemin  = B3-y/S23-k
|isorulemin  = B3-y/S23-k
|isorulemax  = B34eq6c8/S234c5kn6cei7e
|isorulemax  = B34eq6c8/S234c5kn6cei7e
|synthesis    = 91
|plaintext    = true
|plaintext    = true
|rle          = true
|rle          = true

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Double X
b2o125b2ob$b2o125b2ob$7b3o111b3o7b$6bo3bo109bo3bo6b$6b2ob2o41b2o23b2o 41b2ob2o6b$30b2o19b4o21b4o19b2o30b$6b2ob2o17b2ob2o18b2ob2o19b2ob2o18b 2ob2o17b2ob2o6b$8bo19b4o21b2o21b2o21b4o19bo8b$16b2o11b2o69b2o11b2o16b$ 16bobo93bobo16b$16bo97bo16b$bo7bo111bo7bob$o2bo3bo2bo45bobo13bobo45bo 2bo3bo2bo$4bobo49b2o15b2o49bobo4b$4bobo50bo15bo50bobo4b$4bobo117bobo4b $o2bo3bo2bo109bo2bo3bo2bo$b3o3b3o111b3o3b3ob3$27b3o71b3o27b$27bo75bo 27b$28bo73bo28b$46bo37bo46b$44b2o39b2o44b$45b2o37b2o45b2$b2o125b2ob$b 2o125b2ob3$39b2o49b2o39b$39bobo47bobo39b$39bo51bo39b$b2o125b2ob$b2o30b obo59bobo30b2ob$7b3o23b2o61b2o23b3o7b$6bo3bo23bo61bo23bo3bo6b$6b2ob2o 109b2ob2o6b2$6b2ob2o109b2ob2o6b$8bo113bo8b2$50b3o25b3o50b$50bo29bo50b$ bo7bo41bo27bo41bo7bob$o2bo3bo2bo12bo83bo12bo2bo3bo2bo$4bobo14b2o85b2o 14bobo4b$4bobo15b2o83b2o15bobo4b$4bobo117bobo4b$o2bo3bo2bo109bo2bo3bo 2bo$b3o3b3o111b3o3b3ob3$16bo2bo42b2o3b2o42bo2bo16b$20bo19b4o18bobobobo 18b4o19bo20b$16bo3bo18bo3bo18bo5bo18bo3bo18bo3bo16b$17b4o22bo43bo22b4o 17b$39bo2bo45bo2bo39b3$b2o125b2ob$b2o125b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ GPS 23 LOOP 46 THUMBSIZE 3 WIDTH 800 HEIGHT 480 ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Oscillator type Shuttle
Number of cells 350
Bounding box 133×69
Period 46
Mod 23
Heat 316.9
Volatility 0.99
Strict volatility 0.98
Discovered by Robert Wainwright
Year of discovery Unknown

Double X is a period 46 oscillator based on the twin bees shuttle that was found by Robert Wainwright[1] and exhibits two interesting reactions. First, it shows how a twin bees shuttle can be used to convert a glider into a lightweight spaceship. Second, it shows how a head-on collision between two lightweight spaceships can produce two gliders.


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