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Bi-loaf 1
Bi-loaf 1 image
Pattern type Strict still life
Number of cells 14
Bounding box 7×7
Discovered by Unknown
Year of discovery Unknown

Bi-loaf 1 (or half bakery or loaf on loaf) is a still life that makes up half of a bakery (and is made up of two loaves). When the term bi-loaf is used, this pattern is its most common meaning. It is the eleventh most common still life, being less common than barge but more common than mango.[1]

There is a remarkable reaction where a glider collides with the bi-loaf, displacing it by (3,6) and generating another glider in the same direction as the incident glider. Apart from the degenerate case of the stable reflector, which has zero displacement, this is probably the only such reaction smaller than a universal constructor.

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